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Creditors’ Rights

A North Carolina Creditor Rights Law Firm Protects Your Interests Businesses throughout North Carolina look to Sprouse Law Firm, PLLC for guidance and assistance when collecting debts.  At Sprouse Law Firm we work with our clients to establish long term relationships with credit managers and... more

Creditor Representation in Bankruptcy

Creditor Representation in Bankruptcy Performed by an Experienced North Carolina Attorney Recovering the money you are entitled to: Bankruptcy laws are complex and they can be harsh on creditors. However, if youve received a notice of bankruptcy by a business that owes you money, dont... more

Construction Law

North Carolina Construction Law Firm Safeguards Your Rights Raleigh firm protects the rights of subcontractors and suppliers At the Sprouse Law Firm, we are a construction law firm in North Carolina primarily representing suppliers and subcontractors who deserve to be paid for their labor and... more