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Construction Law

Construction Law

At Sprouse Law Firm we assist our construction clients in all aspects of a Construction Project.  From preparing bids and drafting contracts, promissory notes and security agreements on the front of the Project, to filing and serving mechanics’ liens and payment bonds to preserve your rights, to litigating disputes in North Carolina state and Federal Courts, we will be with you every step of the way.

The attorneys at Sprouse Law Firm are here to help our clients before there is a problem.  We will negotiate and draft your contracts to maximize your protection prior to beginning a Project.

We understand the construction business and know that liens and payment bond claims can often be the most effective ways of getting paid.  Our attorneys will explain the process of notices and procedures that must be followed to preserve lien rights and bond claims.

Even if you have missed the time for filing a lien or making a bond claim, we will still help protect your rights through standard collection procedures.

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